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The Hayer One group business philosophy is a simple one.

We believe the quickest way to succeed is to help others succeed.
We develop, build and insure property.But more than the Real Estate property developers, we are human developers.

Hayer One Group was formed with a clear vision to transform the way people perceive quality in the Real Estate Market in Kenya.

Hayer One Group Properties

 At Hayer One, we believe that the easiest way to be successful is to help others succeed. Our loyal team of consultants, contractors, suppliers, bankers, and employees assist in ensuring delivery of the highest standard product at the most competitive price. 

We believe in staying ahead of the curve, doing things differently.  There is a constant pursuit in improving the technology of execution, quality of finishes, holistic amenities space. 

Most of all, we believe in quality. Quality is how Hayer One can assure our clients of an excellent return on investment.

Teamwork. Loyalty. Innovation. Quality. This is how Hayer One is improving Nairobi Skyline, one benchmark development at a time.

Our Projects

Hayer One Group is devoted to the respectful, thoughtful precision in development of living areas.Our developments provide space, privacy, amenities and preserve the natural beauty of land. Our unfaltering commitment to value creation is quite apparent in the thoughtful layout of our site which allows for privacy and maximum enjoyment of land. 

Hayer One Group is offering premier reasonably priced living conditions, with scenic views, and access to nature and privacy.
The commitment to sustained land values and aesthetic appeal is an extra value attraction for all of our developments.

What We Offer

Hayer One Group is devoted to the respectful, thoughtful precision in development of living areas.
Our developments provide space, privacy, amenities and preserve the natural beauty of land. Our unfaltering commitment to value creation is quite apparent in the thoughtful layout of our site which allows for privacy and maximum enjoyment of land.

The outcome of a construction project like building a home or a building, often depends on the choice of the right choice of the right home builders and contractors. It is important to dedicate time, energy and resources to find the right contractor for your construction project. 

Meticulous Planning

Meticulous Planning

As they say, planning is vital. The best strategy employed is at the very start.
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Completion On Time​

Completion On Time​

We strive to reach construction milestones on all our property developments.
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Perfect Execution​

Perfect Execution​

The design, architecture and construction of our properties are up to international standards.
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Affordable Prices​

Affordable Prices​

We are offering premier reasonably priced residential and commercial spaces for your use.
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‘The Marquis’ property has won the International Property Awards 2019/ 2020 for its architecture and design. Our properties are carefully designed with our customers in mind, the design, finishing perfected to international standards.
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Our Specialization

Our Specialization

Hayer One specializes in the development of Commercial and Residential developments. The Company’s strength is its commitment to the timely completion of the projects with due emphasis on project management, quality & safety.
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Interior Design

Interior Design

We offer exceptional interior designs with achievable complete solutions for any development project. Our interior designs are achieved through a strictly controlled process achieved by a team of experts that ensure we achieve and deliver your desired needs.
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Site Planning

Site Planning

Site planning is crucial because it is going to define the development project throughout its entire period.
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Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Our team brings with it a wealth of experience to provide cutting edge designs and expert design installations of quality landscaped developments.
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Exterior Design

Exterior Design

We provide clients with innovative solutions that match their needs and speak volumes about taste, preference and quality of all our products.
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Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Facilities and furniture must meet as many ‘human’ needs at as many levels as possible, especially the need to feel good about one’s surroundings.
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“ Am a client of Hayer One, and I got to know about them when I wanted to invest in a property.

And before I met them I had gone round looked at different properties in Nairobi. I wanted something, what I’d call – Up-Market, but also something unique that I felt would still be valuable, you know when I look at the property ten years, twenty years from now. So I was drawn to it by the fact that it had quite a lot of things that I felt were not there in other properties in the market currently, and I felt that, that would be the best investment option for me because I was looking at it for various purposes especially for – you know, the value that will accrue on the property in future”.

“I was watching this building coming up, and it used to be quite enticing and one day I took a drive there to see what was going on 

and to see if it was something that would interest me and you can actually see this building from the by-pass between Lavington and Kilimani, so number 1 is, I noticed that this project was going according to plan. We have a lot of construction of flats taking place but they get delayed for various factors, either financial factors or material delays in terms of putting up the building,and this project seemed to be moving at a constant speed. When you start looking at the finishing touches, you understand the attention to detail of some of the things they were doing on the site and that’s when I actually gained my interest”.

“For example they have a swimming pool which is a good thing, now I am an Old man with grandchildren, 

when they come around they can get into the pool, there are also other amenities, like ample parking, accessibility, this is very important. They have a putting green, I am sure I will be able to putt once in a while. They also have a kind of a walking track, that interested me quite a lot”.

At the outset, we would like to congratulate Chetan Hayer and his team at Hayer One Group for the recent 5 Star Gold rating award for ‘The Address’ in the ‘Commercial High-rise Development’ and ‘Best Commercial High-rise Architecture’ category held at the International Property Awards ceremony in London.

VS Hydro were in the market on the lookout for a permanent office in Nairobi and were approached by Hayer One Group Sales team. On the very first visit to the site we knew this is ‘The Place’.
The quality of finishes, common area space allocation, location, the quality finish of the glass facade, the easy access to the highway, parking space layout are some of the attributes which are unique to ‘The Address’.
The property is currently managed by ‘The Address Property Management Ltd’ which is ensuring the Grade A quality of the building is maintained. All services are top-notch especially security manned by KK security.
We were extremely impressed with Hayer One team’s professionalism, client service and commitment to honour their promises.

We take this opportunity to recommend ‘The Address’ for prospective client who are looking for their corporate office.

Mr. Sumanasekera
VS Hydro

We looked at several available office spaces to invest in and found  ‘The Address’ as the most suitable to our requirement.

To name a few;

  1. Space utilisation for common area & built up area
  2. Location – On Waiyaki Way and overlooking the leafy Lavington with access to the building from Muthangari Drive
  3. Excellent quality of finishes
  4. Award winning Architectural design
  5. Commitment of the Developer – Hayer One Ltd to deliver this project on time & to the expected finishes as promised
  6. Ease of fitouts through seamless integration with our technical team.

    We were extremely impressed with Hayer One team’s professionalism, client service and commitment to honour their promises.

    The building management services offered are excellent with top notch security being provided 24X7 amongst other services which has pulled in high profile clientele into this building.

    We would gladly recommend ‘The Address’ to other corporate clients.

We are proud Owners of an entire Floor at ‘The Address’.We had been looking around for an Office Space and ‘The Address’ finally struck the chord.

 Being in the similar field, we can appreciate the efforts taken by the Developer & Contractor – Hayer One Group and Grid Constructions Ltd. to ensure there is no stone left unturned in order to meet our expectations with regards to the quality of construction.
The services provided to keep the building at its top-notch quality is being managed by ‘The Address Property Management Ltd. The findings of the several security audits conducted on this building has resulted in having high profile international Clientele whose major concern is excellent security & good location with easy access to the building.
MIBP Ltd would take this opportunity to recommend ‘The Address’ to other Clients who are looking for Office Space in the Westlands area.

Mr. Rupra
Mrs. Dorcus

We settled for The Address as it provides office space that is ideally suited to our corporate needs.

The Address, developed by Hayer One Group is a modernized building that is situated in a very secure area and also well-fitted with the necessary internal security measures. Its location is ideal, convenient and easily accessible with high quality corporate office space.
The Address Property Management is reliable and keen to provide any necessary support. 

I am very pleased to recommend other potential clients to take into account The Address as a viable option for their corporate office facilities in Westlands.

Following an extended search in the market in 2019, CDC East Africa Advisers (the local subsidiary of CDC Group) selected The Address building for its new office location.

The Address met the firm’s corporate profile requirement for security standards, commercial grade and finish quality, and its central location provided ease of access for staff and clients. CDC East Africa Advisers moved into the building in September 2019.
During the fit out period, CDC East Africa’s experience with the building owner (Hayer One) has been highly professional and the owner’s team has honoured all commitments made in our lease agreement.
The Property Manager (The Address Property Management Ltd) has also provided high quality services, including security that is manned by KK Security.

CDC East Africa is fully satisfied with its experience to date and is happy to be a tenant at The Address.

Mr. Ermias

Our Happy Suppliers!

“We have found a developer who insists that much on quality, who’s not eager to cut corners and who is dedicated to delivering state of the art building to the people who rent or buy.”
Mr. Prodromidis,
(i) “Hayer One has been in a relationship with us for the past five years, and the relationship has grown on bigger and bigger since then.” (ii) “Hayer One is synonymous with quality, same as us, which is...I wouldn’t say unlike others, but their final product has been differentiated from others. One of the things is, no shortcuts, which is a big deal to consumers, and that sets them apart from everybody else .”
Mr. Savla,
Tononoka Steel
“I think is quite long...over a decade, we have worked with Mr. Chetan and his project. I believe they choose us because of our quality products, and in the process, after working with Chetan and his team, which by the way is amazing, we have actually become their customers now. We are buying from their projects, we are buying the office blocks, we are buying the apartments, simply because it’s a wonderful project.”
Mr. Vekheria,
Kenya Builders

Our Amazing Partners

Our Amazing Partners

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