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This statement becomes even more true when it comes to owning ‘high quality’ property. The supply of high quality real estate in Nairobi is relatively low, so the demand is will remain high.  And, therefore, a healthy return on investment, while not guaranteed, is more likely.

That’s why wise investors need to consider investing in ‘The Marquis’ as an asset that will attract a good rental yield and a steady price appreciation over the years. ‘The Marquis’ is a unique opportunity. Not generic on any level. A park-like setting, spectacular views, unmatched amenities and world-class finishes will   automatically make it high in demand and become an important part of your asset portfolio, which will help build your wealth, retirement and legacy.

In fact, each and every project undertaken by the Hayer One group is done in pursuit of wealth creation for the investor. Developing properties that will remain high in demand is at the heart of our business philosophy. Every member of the Hayer One team is completely dedicated to achieving this goal.

Going way above the ordinary is what sets us apart. Our track record speaks for itself. Constantly reaching higher, Covid or not, through our obsession with quality and innovative financing plans, Hayer One strives to raise the bar for ourselves and the industry. In doing so, we help our customers towards their goal of wealth creation.

Thank you.

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