How To Find Best Real Estate Agent in Kenya?

find real estate agent in kenya

How To Find Best Real Estate Agent in Kenya?

October 3, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

Finding a real estate property is a big challenge for every home seeker. To begin with, a real estate agent is the essence of home buying. He can help you buy the right property with his years of experience and knowledge in property search and sale.

Real estate agent in Kenya

If you are a potential home buyer and looking for an agent to help you buy real estate property in Nairobi, here are some important tips you must take care of while looking for a Property Management Company or a real estate agent in Kenya:

real estate agent in Nairobi Kenya:

⚪ Ask for References:

We all have one or more friends who recently purchased a new home. They will be having good links with their agents. You can get references of one or more agents and fix an appointment to better know them. Try to find out how long they have been into this profession.

Ask for their area of expertise. You must know how your agent will handle their situation in a bidding war. In addition to this, it is essential to know about his reputation in the real estate market in Kenya.

If the agent is a renowned personality, check on internet if the person is involved in any of fraudulent activity.

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⚪ Know Their Availability:

Purchasing a new home takes a lot of research so make sure you give proper time to your biggest investment  Start with finding an agent that can manage himself to do real research work Commonly, some agents work with ‘N’ number of clients due to which they need to limit their flexibility and align this job to few hours. This may result in wastage of time and efforts. Therefore, go for an agent that has a team of experts working under him so that they can allocate proper time towards your specific needs and find a dream home for you and your family.

⚪ Give Time To Your Agent:

Finding an agent doesn’t mean you hand over all your job to one person and sit relaxed waiting for a property. One has to understand his or her agent and know how to assist him. This can be accomplished by conducting meetings twice a week and a regular phone call to check the status of progress. Ask if you can help the agent in any possible way.

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⚪ A Right Real Estate Agent

Listens to You: Make sure your agent is an active listener. This is what every home buyer is selling in his or her agent. Make a wish-list defining what you are looking for in your property –  whether a luxury apartment or a reasonable property at a prime location. Tell them everything about your idea of planning and budget and then leave things on them. Let them find a property close to your expectations. See if your agent even remembers what you shared with them. If yes, you have made a perfect choice. If not, keep looking for agent.

How to find a real estate agent in kenya

⚪ Test Their Knowledge:

This is the most important aspect and plays a big role in finding right property. Do the agent have answers to your property related queries? What if you need to chase them to get an answer? A quality agent should be able to quickly prove you with the entire information like neighborhoods, general price ranges, nearby businesses, and so on. If an agent cannot provide specific details, you should look for someone who knows it better.

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⚪ Verify Your Agent’s License:

Of Course, we all want a trust-able person to take over this responsibility of searching property at a prime location. There are some licensed agents in every area. You can prepare a list of real estate agents in kenya online and reach out to them. Meet these agents one by one. Ask them every necessary questions to know what their focus is in the real estate industry of Kenya.

⚪ Find a localised agent:

We’d recommend you to find an agent that lives nearby the area you’re looking property in. He will be aware of the best neighborhoods and trends. A local agent helps you search property with all primary amenities like all necessary shops, school, college, hospital are at commutable distance. This is actually how a real estate agent works.

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⚪ Ask your friends and families for referrals:

Ask a friend or any family member to know who are likely to give you honest assessments of their experience with a particular agent. It’s not recommended that you choose any agent only because your friend suggested. There can be a difference between what your friend bought and what you’re expecting.This way, you’ll get a sense if the agent has any major flaws that would be a deal breaker for you.

⚪ Loyalty Factor:

It clearly means that the real estate agent must think about buyer’s best purchase over their own benefits. He should be willing to sacrifice his own commission for client’s interest. An agent should be loyal to his client whether a buyer or a seller. He  should not try to influence his client to pay more or spend less for the sake of agent’s own personal gain.

Do What Your Heart Says:

Need a Real Estate Agent in Nairobi?

People can usually realize if they like someone or not. So, when you meet the agents, this is completely up to your instincts to choose a person or not. A realtor should be a reliable and trustworthy person. So, if you realize that the agent seems like the salesman type, never choose such a person. They are most likely to be interested in their commission than your best deal.

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