Buy Real Estate Property in Kenya

Buying Real Estate Property in Nairobi, Kenya – 2018 Guide

August 3, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

Nairobi is a different residential market altogether. Being a fast-growing melting pot and main regional hub with a strong economy, Nairobi attracts international corporations who are looking to buy real estate property in Nairobi, Kenya to set up their headquarters in Africa. The most rapidly growing sectors tapping into new wealth are: FMCG (fast moving […]


Real Estate Investment Opportunities In Kenya

Which Are The Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities In Kenya In 2018?

July 21, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

July 18,2018..A good year for real estate investors. Yes, you heard it right!  Kenya is the top investment choice for both local as well as foreigner investors with the most attractive investment destinations of the times. Mr. Kfir Rusin, EAPI (East Africa Property  Investment ) Summit Managing Director Says “Kenya has become a lightning rod […]


Buying Home In Kenya For First Time – Tips & Pitfalls To Avoid

July 18, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

Looking to buy a home in Kenya for the first time? After a long period of six months, you finally found your dream home. You are all set with the down payment to purchase your first home. But be warned, you never know when this dream turns into the biggest nightmare of your life you […]


How to invest in real estate in kenya

Real Estate Investment in Kenya – Tips & Things You must Know

July 4, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

🏙️ Want to invest in Kenya real estate in 2018? 🏘️ Need to know,  How To Invest In Kenyan Real Estate easily and in best possible way? Most of the Kenyana are believing the real estate as the most profitable business in Kenya. Though an investment made in kenyan real estate market has its own […]


real estate boom kenya

Real Estate Market Boom In Kenya 2018 – Is It Real?

June 25, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

Is There any Boom In Kenyan Real Estate Market in 2018? The real-estate sector of Kenya is diversified among three sections – people, geography, and property types where people include high, middle and lower sections of society, geography defines the area to be utilized for property developments and property types including retail, office, residential, Industrial […]