What Is The Average Cost Of Building A House In Kenya?

Average Cost of Building a House in Kenya

What Is The Average Cost Of Building A House In Kenya?

May 8, 2019 | By : Hayer One Marketing

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Determine the Cost of Building a House in Kenya – Key factors

Cost of building a 2 bedroom house

Cost of Building a 3-Bedroom House

Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom House

Tips To Reduce Cost

If you don’t have your own home, renting a house or buying an apartment in Kenya can cost an arm and leg . Owing to this, everyone has a dream to build their own home as per their desire and liking.

How much does it cost to build a house, is probably one of the key questions which will keep your mind occupied all the time. However, it is important that you are aware of the fact that numerous factors help determine the cost of building a house in Kenya.

Let us discuss every single aspect, in detail that will turn your dream into a reality. In this post you will know more about what does Building a modest house in Nairobi, costs and How to estimate cost of building your house?

Cost of Building House in KenyaDetermine the Cost of Building a House in Kenya – Key factors

One of the important elements is to be familiar with how much it will cost to build a house. Moving ahead with this approach will surely help you make an ideal house plan.

Besides other elements, it is the finishing that tends to make the whole construction process costlier. Clearly, you want nothing but the best, and when you go for a quality finishing, it will cost you somewhere around KSh 30,000 per sq. Meter for a simple house. When it comes to a luxurious home, it rises to a whooping KSh 60,000 per sq. Meter.

The cost of building a house in Kenya varies depends on many factors such as the typography of land, size of the building and specification of materials among other elements.

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You don’t have to spend lavishly; you can also build a house with as low as KSh 989,000. However, it is possible to get a rough estimate cost of building a house in Kenya by considering the following: –

Location of Your House

Have you finalized a place where you are going to locate your home? The area, urban or rural, does play a pivotal role according to which the prices tend to vary. Do you own a plot already?

Well, if you do, it is much easier as compared to someone who has plans to buy one. For instance, the amount you pay for a 1/8-acre land in Nairobi is entirely dependent on the locations.

If we talk about Kagundo, the amount you have to shell out is KSh. 85,000 per 1/8-acre, in Ruaka it is KSh. 3.6 million per 1/8-acre, and in Syokimau it is KSh. 2 million for 1/8-acre.

If you buy land in places like Runda and Karen, then the prices are destined to swell. When you are planning to buy a plot, there are two key things which you should consider while locating your house – communication infrastructure and a favorable climate.

Stability of the ground is also one of the key elements you can’t overlook. You have to ensure that the location has stable foundations, this will undoubtedly help evade falling off the building. Besides, you also need to consider the availability of basic utilities such as power and water.

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Type of Building You Wish

As far as the type of building you want, various elements come into play such as –


     Use of the house





Mechanical Installations

When you hear about the mechanical installations of a building, there is a long list of activities that need to be done from framework to the insulation of the building. It is advisable that you should focus on correct installation after the completion of the house. This means that the installation should be done to perfection.


When it comes to fittings, it mainly comprises of – bathroom fittings, fitted kitchens, mirrors, lighting fittings, fitted carpets, etc. Make sure you are aware of the fact that painting is not a part of the fittings.

The square footage

Examine a newly constructed house that is similar to the one that you envision. Get the price of the house, subtract the cost of land and divide the amount by the size of the home.

For example, if the house is valued at Sh75 million and the land costs Sh45 million, then the construction cost is around Sh30 million. If the home is 450 square metres, then the cost per square metre is around Sh66,700.

Types of Joinery

Joinery is considered important as it helps you to join two boards to make a solid fashion. Therefore, it is important that you are well-versed with the design of your house to ascertain the approximate cost that will be needed for building your dream house.

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Description of Materials

Then come workmanship and materials that are required to develop the building. Specifications of the materials comprise of – drawings, quantities, and the schedule for building a house add up the cost of construction.

Floor to Ceiling Heights 

If you want the ceiling height to be higher, then you will have to pay increased charges. Usually, people opt for 7 feet to 9 feet as this makes the house look smaller and more cramped.

Site Topography 

Site topography will help ascertain the base of the building to support it. The design is the only element that affects the topography.

Wall to Floor Ratio

If you want to be acquainted with the wall to floor ratio, you will need well planning of the efficiency of the house. This will also include some calculation of the building, to ascertain wall to floor ratio, in which you will be required to pay.

Cost of building 2 bedroom house in KenyaAverage Cost of building a 2 bedroom house in Kenya.

A 2-bedroom house is perfect for a small family life.

First do the designing of your dream home form the kitchen, laundry, garage, as well as storage areas.
Once you do that, you will be able to have a picture of what you want so that you can be able to do the approximations of building such a house.

In simple words, a simple 2-bedroom house will cost you less amounts than a house with complicated and spacious designs.

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A two-bedroom house can cost be as low as sh. 989,000, the factors above will increase or reduce the cost. You can build a brick house, wood house, a mabati house, or a masonry house; have in mind that the type of the house and the design, are the major determinant on the average cost of building a house in Kenya.

In simple words, a simple 2-bedroom house will cost you less amounts than a house with complicated and spacious designs. Start you savings as earlier as now so that you can achieve your dream.

Cost of Building 3 Bedroom House in KenyaAverage of Cost of Building a 3-Bedroom House in Kenya

Let’s be honest; building a 3-bedroom house in Kenya can prove expensive. That said, it is one of the most rewarding and satisfying projects in your life. There are various elements which play a pivotal role in determining the average cost of building a 3-bedroom house such as – design of the house, space, type, and various other related elements.

You should always have a design in your mind, after all it’s your dream home. Take some time out and imagine yourself in the house and do some research work before you finally go ahead with the process. Ideally, the best approach to go about it is to pre-draw what you want.

It has been found that someone who has a family usually desires a 3-bedroom house. You can have the master bedroom to be more spacious than the other two bedrooms. You should also ponder other special function rooms such as – playing room, dining room, or an office.

This is your home, and you should put in your best efforts to make it more spacious. One fact that cannot be denied is that furnishing your house will prove expensive, owing to this you need to apt finances as well.

If you are looking to build your dream house in Syokimau, then the average cost of building a 3-bedroom house will be near about KSh 3,600,000.

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Cost of Building 4 Bedroom House in KenyaAverage of Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom House in Kenya

Considering the fact that a 4-bedroom house requires quite a space, the average cost of building a 4-bedroom house in Kenya will be expensive. There are other determinant elements such as – size and shape of the house, the terrain of the land. The cost is set to rise if the land requires more preparation.

If you go for a house with corners and angles, then you will have to shell out more money as compared to a rectangular shape. If you have opted for corners and angles, you will need more intensive labor and not forgetting material cost as well.

Inflation does play a key role in bringing down the purchasing power; however, it also increases the costs. In case you have taken inspiration from some house, make sure it has lasted for a minimum of six months.

Lastly, you should also consider the land’s market condition of the location. This can be done by dividing the land’s price from the construction’s cost and then finally divide the figures.

Now, you need to divide the outcome; this will help you to be acquainted with the square footage of the house. If you seek exact figures, it is advisable to take the expert services of a quantity surveyor.

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Reduce The Cost Of Building a House in Kenya Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Building a House in Kenya


  1. In as much as you are trying to cut costs, never compromise on quality as it only turns out to be more expensive in the long run
  2. When buying construction materials, beware of cheap bargains.Another cost-saving measure is renting or re-using certain building materials instead of buying new ones for every project.
  3. Being in touch with modern trends and using new building technology is also cost-effective

Engage Professionals

  1. The most important thing is engaging professionals in every aspect of your building. Many people avoid construction firms in an effort to cut costs, but they end up losing money due to pilferage and shoddy work.
  2. If you decide to build on your own but you don’t know what you are doing, there are chances that you’ll end up paying a contractor more money to fix your mistakes.
  3. A major advantage of using a registered firm is that such companies shoulder a significant proportion of the risks and liability. Dealing with a reputable construction firm not only saves you money but also saves time because you do not have to make frequent visits to the construction site.
  4. Another trick that a builder can use to save money is sourcing for materials on their own
  5. Then there is the issue of labor. If you pay your workers a flat rate daily, they can deliberately work slowly to extend the construction period so that they can be on the job for a while longer.
  6. To avoid such a scenario, you should work out a system that allows you to pay the workers according to the amount of work they do.

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Supervise Closely

To prevent pilferage, firm employs construction managers who are always present at the construction sites. The construction managers are compelled to periodically write and submit reports indicating how each and every material delivered at the site is used.

Some homeowners have a tendency of suggesting changes when the building is already under construction. Always be on the lookout for any changes to the original plan as you will be responsible for the extra costs.

If you can, avoid building during the rainy season. heavy rains, roads networks tend to get flooded, making it difficult to transport of materials. This also increases the costs and is time-consuming.

  1. Do you really need all those angles, sidewalls and pillars? Talk with your architect to determine whether a few structural changes to the original plan can help you save some money.
  2. The more complicated the design of your home is, the higher the construction costs.
  3. limit the number of corners your house has, especially on the exterior walls. This is because corners take extra materials and require more labour to build.
  4. Another change in design that can save you money is limiting the inclination of your roof. A steep roof, though attractive, translates to a larger surface area, thereby requiring more roofing material.
  5. But as much as it is advisable to engage professionals, there are things you can do by your self to save money. For instance, you can do the painting or landscaping by yourself.

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Wrap Up

To get an accurate cost of the house that you want to build or to gain the latest updates of the real estate market in Kenya, you can seek expert services of Hayer One.