Best Home Builders & Contractors In Kenya – How To Find One?

Housing & Building Contractor In Keny

Best Home Builders & Contractors In Kenya – How To Find One?

May 22, 2019 | By : Hayer One Marketing

The outcome of your construction project like building a home or a building, often depends on the choice of the right Home Builders & Contractors In Kenya. Your architect will be able to advise you. But what should you watch out for before going for a construction company in Kenya?

For many people, one of the most difficult aspects of the construction process is finding a Best Home Builder or contractor to do the work. Do not sign a contract with the first-comer, simply to save time and money, as this may cause problems later. If you’re wondering how to find the right person, you are at the right place.

It is important to dedicate time, energy and resources to find the right contractor for your home construction project. Remember how important your home is and that every effort and investment you make will benefit you in the long run, while increasing the value of your home.

Here are some tips to help you find the best home building contractor in Kenya.

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Best Home Builders & Contractors In Kenya

Take your time to choose your contractor:

The Best Home Builders in Kenya are usually busy for long periods. Masons are often booked up to a year in advance. And most certainly small contractors, firms of one or two people. But this also applies to other trades such as roofers or screeds.

Below are the points to keep in mind while approaching the building contractor in Kenya:

Do not be afraid. The more time you have before the start of the work, the more you can ask for tenders. You will also have time to visit workshops and witness houses. In this case, keep the overall cost in mind. And if you need to start work sooner, pay close attention to your choices.

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Do not make impulsive decisions. The price is important, but the quality of the contractor also comes into play. A price that is too low is often too good to be true. And more expensive does not always mean better – another reason not to rush.

You are pretty sure of your choices, but your building contractor in kenya is taken for the coming months? Patience is sometimes worth it, if the situation allows it.

Use recommendations and references from relatives:

Stay tuned. Word of mouth works better than ever. Take a tour of the real estate market in Kenya and analyze the experiences in your immediate neighborhood. Your friends and acquaintances probably have a lot of tips to give you.

Ask for references, visit a few houses built by the contractor and discuss their experience with the owners. Even if the result is impeccable, the collaboration could be difficult, so prefer your architect advised by the contractor.

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Has a friend or family member recently had home renovations or construction done? First, consult your loved ones for references. If they are comfortable recommending you, it is in your interest to listen to them.

Normally, they can give you good advice, which you should follow. If they have not dealt with construction experts recently, continue your research.

You can also visit professionals you trust and collaborate with the ones you have worked with: they could be real estate property developers in kenya, lawyers, bankers, or even financial planners.

They only deal with the companies they feel are reliable and will be happy to recommend them to maintain their own relationship with their customers. As a result, they will have an incentive to recommend good contractors.

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Top construction companies builders contractors in Kenya

Use the web, but stay critical:

You will find many online forums and other census pages with comments on businesses and contractors. Based on the different experiences presented, you can make a first impression. Always analyze the reactions well.

A large company with many employees will quickly have a less positive evaluation, but that does not necessarily mean that it is not a reliable partner for your construction.

In addition, you never know 100% of the reasons behind a negative opinion. And the opposite is also true: do not follow a positive opinion with eyes closed. In short, stay critical.

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Focus on contact with the contractor:

Online reviews are sometimes unreliable. It can be difficult to know if the comments you see on Google, Facebook, or any other site with user reviews are genuine. One can easily get lost by trying to decipher the true from the fake, which makes it an unreliable source.

If the contractor has great reviews on the web, this does not always mean that they reflect reality. Do not sign a contract on this basis alone. The meeting in person is essential. Start with a phone call to begin a more direct interpersonal relationship.

Ask them several questions and see what their answers are. Start with the database: does the project match the types of services they offer? Can they provide a list of past customers?

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Are they working on a contract right now? When you feel confident about the answers they provided, arrange a meeting in person.

A good contractor will put you at ease with his skills and knowledge about the construction of a house in Kenya. On the other hand, do not be intimidated by a strong personality.

Stick to the facts and see how each building contractor in Nairobi you encounter is measured against others.


This is a crucial point that will make your construction project failure or success. Indeed, an overbooked contractor is sometimes risky of not giving the necessary attention to your project, or worse to rush the work to be able to pass to the next customer.

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Of course, a good building contractor will always have a long list of ongoing projects, but it is necessary that he knows how to manage and prioritize each of the projects in order to get on time.

Building Contractors in Kenya

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