Buying a Penthouse Apartment in Kenya – A Good Option

advantages disadvantages of buying penthouse apartment in kenya

Buying a Penthouse Apartment in Kenya – A Good Option

April 5, 2019 | By : Hayer One Marketing

There is nothing better than the penthouse. Stunning views, high ceilings and the feeling of isolation that you do not often encounter in tall buildings are good reasons to invest in duplex penthouse apartment.

They are found at the top of apartment buildings, most often in the center of a big city and all in elegance. What makes this type of penthouse apartment become today a breathtaking purchase option in Kenya? Let’s give you a better insight on what these real estate property developers in nairobi has to offer you.

Let’s take a look at their highlights:

smart guide of investing in luxury 4 bedroom duplex penthouse kenya

1. Living at the Top : Privacy and Prestige in the Penthouse Apartment

Left-right – front – behind: 360° without neighbors. The penthouse is the ideal choice for buyers seeking privacy. City dwellers for whom privacy is an absolute requirement when buying a new home. but who nevertheless like a small trendy party with neighbors.

Privacy 100% protected in these penthouse apartment for sale in Nairobi, Kenya

2. Spacious Duplex Penthouse Apartment With Panoramic Views

This, of course, depends on the precise location of the penthouse apartments, but its inhabitants usually enjoys an exceptional urban panorama. Many penthouses are surrounded by a terrace. When the sun is up, just follow it with your deck chair and cocktail.

Penthouse with impressive panoramic views and the oasis of calm is for sale in Kenya.

3. Exquisite Modern Penthouse in the Heart of Kenya

In modern architecture, you often use large windows that flood your apartment with natural light. Daylight delivers a healthy dose of energy and a healthy indoor climate, plus all this glass provides a sense of extra space.

4. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Home

It’s like this: the heat goes up, in other words, you enjoy the warmth that emanates from the apartments below you. Hence a reduction of your energy bill. This works of course in both directions, so it is better to plan how to cool the temperature in the summer.

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Why Do People Buy Expensive Penthouses When You Can Buy a Larger Detached Home at the Same Price?

Penthouses are generally not easily accessible, which is also true for burglars.

Nothing but benefits? Yes, for all these assets must be able to put the price. This does not mean that penthouses are extremely popular in the residential market, including among investors.

Is this type of apartment synonymous with seventh heaven? Let us surprise you with our offer and do not hesitate to let us know if you have found the rare pearl. Good luck and good hunting!

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Take a Peek Into Luxurious Top Floor Penthouse With Terrace Garden

Initially, we could talk about its location in height. Everyone is aware that the highest homes are the ones that have the most value, because of the distant views and the absence of street noise.

The attics are always on the top floor of a building, that already confers a certain differentiation with respect to the thickness of the rest of the houses since, in a building of approximately 30 houses and ten heights, we can find a maximum of 2 or 3 penthouses.

Penthouses are usually high! At such a height, you are less affected by the dust and mosquitoes of the upper level. The height has double value, the mere fact of height and the limitation of houses that are in the last floor.

Sneak Peek: Garden Terrace Penthouse a Great Choice

Although its location on the last floor seems an obvious fact, there are houses on the top floor that do not respond to the characteristics of attics.

It is very common in the type of extension building of the ’60s and 70’s to find buildings topped with community terraces on the top floor whose top-floor dwellings do not differ at all from the rest of the floors, so they are not considered attics.

In addition to the location at the highest levels, it is essential that the house is accompanied by a generous terrace.

These terraces, in addition to being generous, have to be contiguous and be well connected with the living area of the house for your enjoyment. If they are located in different floors or with access difficulties, they will detract from the whole house.

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Spacious Duplex Penthouse in Kileleshwa Nairobi, Kenya

the marquis flats and apartments for sale in nairobi kenya

Penthouse not only have a generous terrace but also architecture, differentiated space and larger than the rest of the building’s housing.

It is generally the planning that forces on the last floor of a building, facade setbacks are carried out. What in principle is a legal obligation makes these homes have those terraces that characterize them, as well as a different distribution to the rest of the building and that suits their particular needs.

Here we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the penthouses so that you can make sure that you make the best choice.

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🤔 Are penthouses good investments?

Benefits of Investing in a Penthouse Apartment


It offer a range of amenities such as pool, over sized windows, private entrance, office space and more. Check below the main advantages of buying a penthouse in Kenya:

The Perks, Pros or Advantages of buying a Penthouse in Kenya –

Maximize Your Property’s Rent Rate by Investing in Penthouse Apartment

If you invest in a penthouse to live there, it’s a status symbol that is undeniable. If you invest in renting, your buyer pool looks for this status symbol. By offering a unique suite in a building, your unit stands out among potential tenants, giving you a competitive advantage.

Stunning Views : Factor That Boost a Property’s Price
What most people are looking for in their apartment is a breathtaking view. Preferably the tallest Tower, which increases the value of your suite.

In general, choosing a unit for your eyesight is not always a bad choice, but you still have to look at the numbers.

Choose a Penthouse That Comes With a Layout That Maximizes Privacy
Privacy is not guaranteed with the penthouse units – evenings on the communal terrace, do you like it? It’s always one of the best reasons to live in an isolated apartment.

You must do your research to make sure you do not overlook or attach to a shared roof, otherwise, you will be in for late nights.

For more information visit H1 and talk to the developer or hire a real estate agent before buying or investing in a property.

Spacious Penthouse With Open-concept Floor Plans
Penthouse apartment layout generally designed with spacious open-concept floor plans that buyers and tenants want.

Living in a penthouse with a large floor plan is ideal for those interested in interior design and enjoying their space. A spacious and unique layout is definitely a pro in penthouse.

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Disadvantages or Cons of Living in a Penthouse Apartment –

Premium Penthouse
Ground bonuses are charges that developers add for each floor you climb – often, you are at about 10,000 KSh + a floor in Kenya.

When you invest in a penthouse, you pay a higher price per square foot than the units on the second and third floors. While there are a number of good reasons for this and a buyer will still pay you for this premium, it is worth considering.

Dependent elevator
The elevators break down. Living on the 30th floor or higher means that you are late wherever you go and that you have to climb about thirty stairs to get to your place.

Although high-rise buildings can usually solve elevator problems quickly, they are particularly important for those with mobility issues.

Outdoor area
With higher properties comes stronger winds. Given the weather conditions in Nairobi, your outdoor space may look more like a wind tunnel than an oasis of softness for ten months a year.

Many penthouses have terraces of 500 square feet or more the size of a condo. It is a space that is not always usable in winter.

Small group of buyers
This is the crux of the problem when it comes to investing in penthouses. When monetizing your property, you plan to create a smaller group of tenants and buyers.

In the Nairobi housing market just after housing construction, 500,000 KSh worth of condos and other affordable properties are selling like hotcakes, while luxury properties require serious strategy and organized sales.

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4 Bedroom Duplex Penthouse With the Luxury Amenities

Luxurious Penthouse Apartment in Nairobi Kenya

Secure condominium with pool, beautiful duplex apartment of 5 rooms that includes:
✅ Entrance serving 2 rooms with cupboards
✅ A big shower room
✅ A parental room with a cupboard and a toilet
✅ Upper level
✅ Double opening with access to the terrace
✅ A kitchen equipped on terrace
✅ Superb terrace of 100 sqm with excellent view
✅ Double garage in the basement, parking and double cellar
✅ Very beautiful light and calm environment

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Consult Property Developer Before Making an Investment

property agents in kenya

Each development is different. Not all developments deserve to be invested, while others offer fantastic opportunities. If you are convinced that life in the penthouses is, indeed the life that will suit you, you can consult the penthouses offered by HayerOne. Give them a look, they could be exactly what you expected.

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