Top 10 Apartment Amenities To Look For In Kenya

Amenities Offered By Apartments In Kenya

Top 10 Apartment Amenities To Look For In Kenya

April 11, 2019 | By : Hayer One Marketing

One of the trends that extends to entire Kenya is apartment towers with various services at your doorstep. The idea is to offer you everything you need so you do not have to leave it. Today more than ever, the apartments are usable and intelligently designed spaces that meet the new needs of residents.

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What are you looking for in a building?

It is very important for us to know what people look for, want and need when making the decision to choose a building. Below, we show you in detail.

This article aims to publicize the top 10 apartment amenities in Kenya people find most attractive or that have generated more perceived value in buildings.



At present, there are modern real estate projects, designed for the needs of people and their lifestyle. These offer different benefits and facilities, as well as spaces for all kinds of activities. Meet our top 10 amenities that you must take into account when looking for the building where you want to buy or rent your property.

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Fitness center

Imagine the comfort of waking up in the mornings, putting on your clothes to exercise and reaching the gym after walking a few minutes, without stress, without traffic and, best of all, saving your monthly payment.

Thinking about this, the developers have designed apartment towers that have this amenity and that not only allow you to save time but also money with the possibility of exercising at any time, so that when you leave late to work, do not have to deal with that the gym is closed.

Most likely, in your daily routine, spend some time in the gym and stay in shape.

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Pet area

Forget about the old buildings where having a pet was prohibited, now it is not only easy for you to have a dog that fits the size of your apartment, but there are also specific areas so that he can have fun in your company. Undoubtedly, an amenity that animal lovers enjoy to the fullest.

Multi-purpose terrace

Do you want to go out for a glass of wine at night or do you prefer to enjoy the sunrise in the city? The terrace is the ideal place, but you can also use it for whatever you want: a meeting with friends, a Sunday with the family. What would you like to do in this paradisaical space?

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Children’s play area

It is important to have a space dedicated only to children, since living in a building and having apartments, it is difficult for them to have a lot of space inside it. Therefore, parents love that their building has this amenity so that children run freely and also make friends of their age.

It is one of the most demanded amenities because it offers the possibility of leaving children in a safe space full of fun, while you attend some meetings during the day.



We all love to enjoy green spaces, with trees and full of plants. Strolling for a while in a place like that, even relaxes us. The apartment complexes have large areas of gardens that you can enjoy, with the advantage that you will not have to take care of them. If your children love to go to the park to use the swing or slide, but you are scared for your safety, in this area you can forget about those dangers, as well as having novel games, being inside the yard.

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Commercial areas

The new vertical developments have commercial areas where you can find items you need, exclusive stores and even commercial places, so you have everything, without leaving your area, thus saving time. Goodbye, Uber!

Swimming pool

Many people do not have the chance to own a private pool. For them, the only way to enjoy the pleasures of swimming during the summer season is to use public facilities. The pool is one of the favorites for many of us, it is an essential amenity and at all times it is fair and necessary to go from time to time to relax in the pool of the building.

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Area for BBQ or barbecues

Most of us like to share it with their loved ones and friends. This is very important for many. And having an area for BBQ or barbecue in your building will allow you to enjoy a space where you can live your lifestyle to the fullest.

The view

Within our list of amenities of apartment in Kenya, people prefer and are carried away by the view offered by the building. In HayerOne, there is a great variety of buildings that offer spectacular views, even from the same apartment.

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Privacy is paramount in the building where you buy your apartment. In this private space you can relax and rest from all the hustle and bustle in the city without thinking that someone is watching you.


Currently, fashion is living in an apartment. This trend, which is a reality in almost the entire country, began in Nairobi and with the passage of time, it may expand to other entities. Today it does not matter which city you live in, anywhere we see new developments that offer the sale of attractive apartments.

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Are you thinking of buying an apartment in Kenya?

Here we share  a few things you should know before buying an apartment.

The boom of this type of housing coincides with that of the construction industry a couple of years ago, when the key to bank loans and mortgage loans was opened, and people began to prefer apartments to live. The construction companies understood the message and began to build large buildings. In addition, Nairobi is a city on the road to real estate growth and the most recognized for its “big buildings”.

One of the main features found in these new developments are the shared spaces such as swimming pool, gym, gardens, which you may not want or cannot keep without the help of your neighbors. In a way, what you are buying, in addition to the square meters to live, are these amenities.

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Some buildings have amenities that are more modern and complete than others.

Today amenities represent between 4% and 9% of the salable area of residential projects and begin to appear in office projects, quickly gaining ground. In the future, this percentage will grow and its importance will be fundamental, even at the level of the nuclear product. Real estate Developers in kenya who understand the importance of these spaces and work to improve them will be leaders in their markets.

The taboo of the privacy of the house almost does not exist in the new generations. Search apartments and houses in Kenya through the internet has its joke, so we invite you to enter the real estate portal, H1 where you will facilitate this search.

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Fortunately there are buildings in Kenya that make things easier for us, providing us with amenities and utensils for our personal care, or to enjoy and get closer to our family or friends which are included in the price of the apartment.


Wouldn’t you like to live in a place that offers everything? Without a doubt, it will be a great advantage for the development of all your activities and those of your family.

If you are looking for property and you still do not know how to choose it and would like advice, we leave you to our Top Real Estate developers in Kenya. There you sure find what you want.

If you need more information about it, do not hesitate to reach us here , it is your next step to release.

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