Why Hire A Real Estate Agent In Kenya?

Hire A Real Estate Agent In Kenya

Why Hire A Real Estate Agent In Kenya?

December 11, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

You’ve already wondered “why hire a real estate agent?” Today customers find many channels available to buy or sell properties for themselves and often feel that saving the agent’s commission is a benefit.

Some do it well but many have no success. So, if you’ve wondered the same thing, here are the top 3 reasons (in my humble opinion) why you might consider hiring a professional real estate agent in Kenya.

Appropriate price from the 1st day

Evaluating the value of your home is paramount at the very beginning of your offer as it can cost you a lot of time on the market as well as thousands of dollars. A new property on the market always has a greater chance of selling.

It is important to properly represent the price of a new property because there are buyers who are watching for the arrival of a perfect house, which is why the “good” price is vital from the beginning. Contrary to what some people think, agents do not choose prices for sellers or buyers.

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However, an agent will help clients make the right choices for themselves. The sales agents ask buyers to weigh all the data provided to them and choose a price. Then, based on market supply, demand, and conditions, the agent will develop a trading strategy.

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Benefit from marketing and technological tools for a better service

Real estate agents have a mission of service and advice, based on empathy and the desire to satisfy individuals in their real estate project. To achieve this, they rely on external tools, which can be more efficient and better serve customers such as immersive tours, 3D mapping and reports of online visits.

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Negotiation skills and paperwork

Unlike buyers and sellers, the best real estate brokers negotiate for a living. They are able to eliminate the emotional aspects of the transaction and focus on finding the best possible offer for their clients because they possess the skills and experience.

Good agents do not only communicate offers between buyers and sellers. They are trained professionals armed with skills to present the case of their client in the best possible way.

And once the transaction is over, transfer all those discussions to legal format, the paperwork could be tricky. Most real estate records are average thicknesses of one to three inches of documents.

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Deal with someone who has expertise in the real estate market

The real estate agent has a knowledge of the local market which allows him to know what types of properties are currently selling and the criteria favored by the buyers.

This market vision makes it possible to respond as closely as possible to local demand. At H1 you can learn to find the best real estate agent in Kenya?

Professional network

Active agents interact with other professionals of Kenya all the time, many of whom provide real estate development services. They know which suppliers have a reputation for efficiency, skills and competitive prices.

Agents can give you a list of references with whom they have worked and provide basic information to help you make a fair selection to save your time and money. How many times you had to redo a roof or undo a wall?

Agents have seen and heard many horror stories, they have the experience and the network to support you and guide you in your choices.

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Answer questions at closing

Even the easiest transactions that end without complications can come back to haunt. For example, tax authorities collecting property tax assessments, document stamps, or transfer taxes may take several months to delay and mix invoices, but a simple call to your agent can help to clear up the confusion.

Many questions may appear that have been overlooked in the excitement of closing. Good real estate agents are ready to help. Decent and honest agents do not leave you in the dust to fend for themselves.

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Develop relationships for long-term business

Referrals are the basis of an agent’s success and his ongoing career in real estate. Few agents would survive if their livelihoods depended on the creation of new businesses. This emphasis gives agents strong incentives to make some customers satisfied and happy. It also means that an agent who stays in the business will be by your side when you need to rehire him. Many will periodically send you updates to the market to keep you informed.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about the commission

Homeowners often try to sell their home themselves to save on the agent’s commission (which is always negotiable). However, it must be considered that most buyers work with real estate agents in kenya when looking for a new property.

f you do not pay a commission to the real estate agent representing the buyer, you have eliminated most buyers from your market. Eliminating most buyers can only decrease your estimated selling price and end up making you lose the money you initially thought to save on the agent’s commission.

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And if you agree to pay a cooperating broker, you save only half a commission. In addition to saving only half a commission, the buyer is represented by a real estate agent and you are not. Who do you think will be the leader in the negotiations and the sales process?

These are not the only reasons that make real estate agents essential. Nevertheless, it is a good base to share with the customers so they can realize all the benefits a real estate agent can bring to them.

For our part, we at Hayer One are committed to continuing to provide you with the maximum real estate marketing advice so that we can offer all our customers the exceptional services.

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