Buying House or Apartment In Kenya – Which Is Better?


Buying House or Apartment In Kenya – Which Is Better?

October 10, 2018 | By : Hayer One Marketing

Location, quality, expenses, resale: as many criteria to identify when choosing between a house or an apartment in Kenya. Our tips for successful purchase of real estate Kenya.

Should you choose an apartment or a house when you buy your residence? The answer comes from your personal taste.

Is It Better to Buy a House or an Apartment ?

The criteria for buying the best residence

To determine the best residence between home and apartment, you must first know what are the criteria to follow. There is more than a dozen, certainly as important as each other, but not having the same value, however. Therefore it is necessary before choosing what type of residence, to consider only the most relevant criteria. Even if, the other criteria remain interesting as they generally result from those which you will have retained. So do not neglect them. Here are some criteria to help you:


Buying House or Apartment In Kenya - Which Is Better?

What are the difference in prices of house or apartment in kenya?

The apartment. Its price depends on the address, the state of housing, its surface. In the old, the envelope that you spend on the work will be less important than in the house. Another important point: you have to budget the expenses of co-ownership. Transfer taxes and other ancillary costs are calculated as a percentage of the price. These expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. In this area, comparing apartment and house makes little sense.

The House. The price is calculated according to the same criteria as that of the apartment, naturally taking into account the specifications of the house (distance from urbanized areas, size of the garden, presence of a swimming pool, etc.). Transfer duties and ancillary costs are fixed in the same way as for apartments.

What to check before buying

The apartment

  • The location (city, neighborhood, situation in the building, orientation, etc.).
  • Urban planning projects, new services, etc.
  • The quality and condition of the accommodation. The work to be planned and therefore budgeted.
  • The technical diagnostics file.
  • The co-ownership regulations, the distribution of expenses and their amount, which was voted and paid by the co-owners.
  • he quality of the Internet connection.
  • Local taxes on apartments in Nairobi.

The House

The location (city district, proximity to services, distances to travel daily, etc.).

The quality and condition of the accommodation, its equipment. The work to be planned (and therefore budgeted).

  • The amount of charges (heating, water, etc.).
  • The quality of the Internet connection.
  • Town planning rules applicable to the house and the land, easements that can encumber the property (in town hall).
  • In subdivision, bylaw and specifications. The regulations for development of houses.

Opt to buy an apartment in Kenya

There are several types of real estate (furnished studios, apartment, house, etc.) on which an investment can be made. The most important to better choose the property on which you will invest is to take into account the important criteria noted above. To this end, if buying an apartment seems less affordable than buying a studio located in an equivalent area, in terms of profitability, the apartment, however, offers assets that are not necessarily found in a studio.

Indeed, apartment tenants are more stable.

This shelters you from rental holidays that can mean lost income for your investment. With apartments, there is little risk of property degradation as tenants tend to stay longer. They are therefore interested in taking good care of their homes. Another advantage of choosing to invest in an apartment is that it is usually more likely to be rented to many, and therefore, there is a small risk of rent unpaid for you.

However, before buying an apartment in kenya, you must make sure that its profitability is good. Often, it is found that the profitability of a smaller dwelling is greater than that of a dwelling having a large area, and for apartments, it is possible to obtain a rental yield of at least 5%.

The advantages

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, buying an apartment has certain advantages that must be emphasized:

  • The purchase price of the apartment is not too high . Everything will depend on the country in which you decided to invest in a rental apartment, cities, urban areas, etc. Prices will vary according to these criteria and will be greater or less important depending on these criteria;
  • Depending on the level of standing , the apartment in which you will invest will be housed in a building with pleasant and diverse common areas (tennis courts, gym and gym, swimming pool, garden, etc.).

The disadvantages

Buying an apartment in kenya does not only have positive aspects. You will face some constraints, here are some of them:

  • You should participate in the condo fees ;
  • It is not always easy for many to live in co-ownership, and so it will be a little difficult to find good tenants who respect the collective environment ;
  • The apartments experience a rotation of tenants stronger than that of houses for example. While students and young couples will be more flattered by apartment living, families will tend to enjoy the comforts of home. Families are known to move less than students and young couples.

Opt to Buy a house in Kenya

Opt to Buy a house in Kenya

Studies show that 80% of Kenyan people prefer to live in a house. The same is true for tenants, who in many cases solicit this type of property. Every year, no less than 100,000 families in France are looking for a house to rent. However, demand remains higher than supply, to the point where we consider that to reverse the trend, we must build 15,000 homes each year for 10 years to cover all needs. It is enough that the houses are located in an attractive location, and that the prices of the rents practiced on these correspond to the market price, to rent them with much to facilitate.

From this point of view, buying a house rather than an apartment would be more profitable and beneficial for the buyer.

Buying a house brings stability

For those who invest in a house, which is owner-lessor , to rent his house will offer him an important peace of mind. For rented houses, tenants usually stay there for an average of 80 months, while for rented apartments, this trend is not as important (30 to 40 months). This is great news for your investment, because in this case, rents will be perceived with more regularity, not to mention that rental reports are also more peaceful and healthy.

There is less risk of unpaid rents for rental homes. Houses appear as homes in which families live, for the sake of stability and serenity, they will be more willing to pay their rents with great rigor, which is a good thing for you as an investor. Moreover, families will appropriate the property over time, and because they maintain it properly, the charges will be lower than those of an apartment for example.

For a house, the rental yield will vary around 3 to 5% in Kenya. Buying a house brings a lot of stability and security . It is a type of property particularly appreciated, and one comes out necessarily satisfied as an investor.

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Just as it is also the case with the apartment, buying a home also has some disadvantages. Among these, we can note:

  • The high cost of acquiring the good or the ticket of entry on the market ;
  • For this type of real estate investment, there are more maintenance costs to bear;
  • There is also very little or almost no private green space with a house.

Kenya Real Estate Market Analysis

Population and household data allow you to quantify the current size of the market and extrapolate future growth. The population is defined as all people living in a geographical area (ethnicity, income and age wise). Households include one or more persons living together in the same dwelling, regardless of their relationship (this includes all occupied dwellings.) Households can be classified by size, composition or stage in the family’s life cycle. By a recent data analysis of Kenyan real estate dominant by:

  • Indigenous Kenyan of Age Band: 45 to 55 years.
  • 70% of these Kenyan citizens are taking interest in real estate investment.
  • This real estate boom stated in the Kilimani, Milimani, Kileleshwa, Westland etc.
  • Citizens with the salary of  Keshs.0.35m to Kshs.0.4m p.m are taking more interest in the Kenyan real estate whether they are Asian or other immigrants.

Above given demographical data reveals information regarding the interest of people in Kenyan real estate. Analysis of overall household and population growth provides a “big picture” of potential demand in the retail sector in Kenya.

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The real estate market in Kenya considered very profitable and lucrative registered the arrival of several investors, whether public or private, local or foreign. For the construction of social housing or luxury apartments and private through shopping centers, hotel complexes etc. What seems risky to today will pay dividends in the long run…at least the numbers suggest so.


To know which real estate investment in Kenya is the best between a house and an apartment, several criteria of appreciation must be taken into account. These criteria apply to all types of real estate. House and apartment offer reasons to invest in terms of their advantages, but also their disadvantages. However, it is possible that your financial abilities come into play to favor one over the other. Keeping in mind all scenarios you must find yourself a best real estate agent in Kenya. Else feel free to consult us and our property developers in kenya will help you in making an ideal decision.

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